The ISF offers courses in the areas of software development, software quality and modelling as well as automotive informatics. The following courses are offered regularly at the ISF:

Winter Semester Summer Semester
Bachelor Software Engineering 1 (SE1) Seminar Software Development Laboratory (SEP)
Master Software Architecture Software Quality 2 (every 2 years) IT Law Automotive Informatics (every 2 years) Lab on Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD Lab) Seminar Compiler I (every 2 years) Model-Based Software Engineering (MBSE) Software Product Lines (SPL) (every 2 years) Software Quality 1 Software in Safety-Relevant Systems Industrial Software Engieering Management Seminar Teamprojekt: Plug-In-Entwicklung mit Eclipse

In addition, we offer the Automotive Laboratory, several team projects, internships and project works. Find out more on the pages of the current semester!

Current Bachelor-/Master thesis can be found at Thesis

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