Software Quality 1

Please notice: This lecture is the successor to the "Processes and methods for the testing of software" lecture. If you already have taken the exam in PMTS, you can not take the exam in SQ1. The topics of the lecture have been updated.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ina Schaefer
Assistant: Sascha Lity, M.Sc.
Module number: INF-SSE-39

The grades of the exam of the summer term 2019 are displayed at our bulletin board and online. You can inspect your results in detail on Thursday, 22nd of August, 10.00 AM (10:00) in room IZ349.


This lecture will present the aspect of software quality in the software development process. It will focus especially on the aspects of software testing. We will teach the fundamental basics of software testing, based on the concepts defined by the German Testing Board. The lecture will cover both the underlying theoretical management processes as well as the pratical testing methods used in software testing.

In the second half, the lecture will cover model based testing approaches as well as methods for testing of variant rich systems. These topics will be enriched presenting current scientific results.

The lecture will be given in german (or english, if neccesary).


If required, the dates of the lecture and the tutorial will be swapped.

Lecture: Thursday, 13.15 - 14.45 PM in room IZ 161

Tutorial: Wednesday, 9.45 - 11.15 AM in room IZ 160


The written exam will be held on 15.08.2019, 11:30 - 13:00 in room PK 2.1.

Lecture documents

You will be able to download the lecture materials in Stud.IP. Please enroll yourself in the course Software Quality 1 (Not PMTS). We will grant you access manually, after you signed a clause to not publicly release any of the given material. This has to be done in the lecture.

Usually, the slides will be published 2 days before the lecture. Additionally, we will upload video casts of the lecture. All material will be password-protected. The password has been announced in the lecture. Please do not publish the password.


Andreas Spillner & Tilo Linz, Basiswissen Softwaretest - Aus und Weiterbildung zum Certified Tester, 5.Auflage, 2012. (Grundlage der ISTQB Zertifizierung, deckt große Teile der Vorlesung ab.)

Peter Liggesmeyer, Software-Qualität, 2.Auflage, 2009. (Standardwerk im Bereich Testen)


Please note that this schedule might be subject to change.

Day Date Type
Thursday 11.04.19 1. Lecture
Thursday 18.04.19 2. Lecture
Wednesday 24.04.19 3. Lecture
Thursday 25.04.19 4. Lecture
Thursday 02.05.19 5. Lecture
Wednesday 08.05.19 1. Exercise
Thursday 09.05.19 6. Lecture
Wednesday 15.05.19 2. Exercise
Thursday 16.05.19 7. Lecture
Wednesday 22.05.19 3. Exercise
Thursday 23.05.19 8. Lecture
Wednesday 29.05.19 4. Exercise
Wednesday 05.06.19 5. Exercise
Thursday 06.06.19 6. Exercise
Wednesday 19.06.19 9. Lecture
Thursday 20.06.19 10. Lecture
Wednesday 26.06.19 11. Lecture
Thursday 27.06.19 7. Exercise
Wednesday 03.07.19 12. Lecture
Thursday 04.07.19 8. Exercise
Wednesday 10.07.19 9. Exercise
Thursday 11.07.19 10. Exercise
Wednesday 17.07.19 11. Exercise

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