How to register and become a participant


1 Online registration for everybody

You have to register to join a course that is offered by us. That also includes courses free of charge. Please take notice of the reference to data protection. It is not necessary to register personally in the main office of the SZ. But there is a counter in the sports centre in the Franz-List Straße, where you can register at any time you prefer.


If you register online, you must not only be authorized to participate in university sports of the TU Braunschweig but you must also have a printer connected to your system to print out your participant ticket and Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer. Another important fact to take notice of is: If debit entry isn’t possible and the sports centre is not to be made responsible for this, it will cost you 7,00€ handling charge.


2 Tips for online-registration

1. After choosing a sports activity from the various offers (subject to registration and payment) Click on “buchen” (booking)

2. Fill in the registration form on the computer with your personal data. It is necessary to write down first name and surname. Students must also fill in their valid register number, officials must use their official phone number of the university and members of our cooperation partners must use the name of the cooperation partner. We need your address for correspondence and for direct debiting. For the booking of activities against payment we of course need your bank account number and bank code for debit entry.


Participants who are not able to take part in debit entry can pay bar at a branch of the “Norddeutschen Landesbank”. You can get more information on this possibility at the main office of the sports centre. We need your e-mail address to contact you and inform you as quickly as possible when a course has to be cancelled or other changes have to be made. Now check your data carefully.

3. By now you have the chance to create a password for your user account. A password gives you the advantage that you can sign up for further courses only by using your e-mail adress and your password and without having to declare any more data.

4. Then click on “Verbindliche Anmeldung” (binding registration) Your data will be coded and transmitted to us.

5. You will directly receive a personal confirmation of your registration that you must print out. Cut out your bordered participant ticket and have it ready when you are controlled at the entrance. Your name will be on the list of activity that the principal receives at the beginning of the course. Your ticket is only valid with an identity card or passport.

3 Authorized participants

Students (group A) and Officials (group B) of the University TU, the HBK, the Ostfalia Officials of the Studentenwerk (group B) Retired officials of the TU, HBK and the Ostfalia (group B) Guest students of the TU (please show a guest student certificate at the sports centre before registrating), except guest students of the language centre (group B). Married couples and registered relationships between couples (only sauna and dancing; group B) New Grammar School (NO), grades 12/13 (group A) Ricarda-Huch-Schule (RHS), grades 12/13 (group A) Pupils/Students of the NO and the RHS have to pay an organisation fee once per semester.


Employees of the institutions that are written in bold type must legitimate themselves before the semester begins in the main office of the sports centre.

4 Resignation

On principle, when want to resign a course against payment, you have to do this personally or in writing at the sports centre. The resignation costs 15,00€ and isn’t refunded. You must have one of the reasons, as you see below, to resign a course against payment.

  • Illness / injury
  • change of university
  • exmatriculation
  • A written evidence is to be shown.
  • For courses or excursions
  • 14 days before course begin: total refund
  • 7 days before course begin: 75% refund
  • Less than 7 days before course begin: 50% refund

Do any of the named reasons happen while the course takes place, then it is possible to resign at once. But a refund can only be given from the day of the resigning which is decided by the manager of the sports centre. In special cases there can be special regulations for a refund.

5 Insurance


In principal students are legally accident insured at all sports events with coach, according to § Abs.1 Nr. 8c SGB VII. Students of the HBK and Ostfalia aren’t included in the insurance. That insurance situation has not been clarified yet. Separate decisions are made by the LUK in exceptions.

Some sports activities, such as free tennis, playing ball games and running on the track, aren’t included because the sports centre only provides the sports complex for free use.

There is also no legal accident insurance at contests. For example: German University Contests

Reporting accidents Status groups A – C must report a sports accident at the sports centre. You can get forms at the office or online at www.luk-nds.de

Only people are insured, not material damage. (glasses...)

6 Theft / free lockers

The sports centre is not liable by theft of property in all sports facilities. We recommend you to use our free lockers in all facilities. (Don’t forget 1€ deposit) We also advise you to report theft to the police.

7 Utilization rules

The house rules of the TU Braunschweig are to be accepted as well as the utilization rules of the sports centre.

All other rules, hanging in other sports facilities, must be followed, too.

8 Opening times

In principle the sports centres open at 7.00 am and close at 10.30 pm. Any other regulations are on notices at the sports centres or on the homepage.

Data protection

All data are electronically saved and are only used for registration and deduction of a course. They are not given to others.

  last changed 01.06.2018
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