Kick Off autoMoVe
Kick-off event of the research project "autoMoVe" in the NFF technical centre in front of the complete vehicle simulator, which is used in the project to test new functions of automated driving. © NFF/Massel

Development of new concepts for autonomous driving: Kick-off of the project "autoMoVe" at the NFF

The official kick-off meeting of the joint project "Dynamically configurable vehicle concepts for user-specific autonomous driving (autoMoVe)" took place at the NFF under the direction of NFF board spokesman Prof. Thomas Vietor.

Over the next three years, the innovation network of Braunschweig Technical University, Clausthal Technical University and Ostfalia University will work together with eleven industrial partners to develop an electric vehicle concept that can autonomously take over a large number of applications by exchanging application-specific modules. The range extends from internal freight transport to passenger transport by road. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the State of Lower Saxony are supporting the "autoMoVe" project with around 1.5 million euros. [Mehr]

Kick Off autoMoVe
The project participants were informed about the NFF-research infrastructure at Braunschweig's research airport © NFF/Massel


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