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Start of the Strategy Dialogue Automotive Industry in Lower Saxony
NFF Spokesman Professor Thomas Vietor leads Innovators' Round Table

Against the background of changing mobility and the associated challenges for the automotive industry, the kick-off event for the „Automotive Strategy Dialogue in Lower Saxony“ took place in Hanover on 10th May 2019. The forum, which is made up of scientists, entrepreneurs and trade union representatives from all over Lower Saxony, is to develop a concept for change in the automotive industry over the next two years.
NFF spokesman Professor Dr.-Ing. Thomas Vietor will lead one of the three so-called „innovator rounds“ of the strategy dialogue, which will all have different content focuses. Professor Vietor's working group is primarily concerned with the complex of topics „Technology, Innovation and Value Chains“, the other two groups are „Market and Infrastructure“ (headed by Professor Dr.-Ing. Richard Hanke-Rauschenbach, LUH) and „Work and Qualification“ (Prof. Dr. Felix Osterheider, HS Osnabrück). [More]

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