Internationalisation at TU Braunschweig

TU Braunschweig sees itself as an open-minded research university that attracts students and scientists from many nations. TU Braunschweig wants to give its members the opportunity to gain international experience, preparing them for responsible conduct in a global context. We see internationality as an enrichment to our university’s culture and as a mutual learning process. All of TU Braunschweig’s research and development activities have an international component, and international aspects are taken into account at every level of decision making.

Internationalisation »

During the “Internationalisation of Universities” audit of the German Rector’s Conference (HRK), TU Braunschweig identified strategic action areas and targeted internationalisation measures to drive its internationalisation process forward. Read more »

International Projects »

In the course of this process, many international projects have been created that allow us to experience internationalisation at TU Braunschweig across the different departments and disciplines and that refine our university’s international profile. Read more »

International Cooperations »

In our research and teaching, we cooperate closely with partners around the world. All members of our university can benefit from these partnerships and gain their own international experience.
Read more »

Internationalisation Committee and International House »

By creating the Internationalisation Committee and the International House, TU Braunschweig has established the necessary infrastructure to guide and support the university’s many internationalisation activities. Read more »


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