07/2017 — Congratulations to our student 'Sheriff Scripter' for winning this year's SecLab (Praktikum IT-Sicherheit).

06/2017 — We are presenting our student project OrcaTun on tunneling network traffic through ultrasound and a small QR code challenge at the TU Night.

04/2017 — We are attending the IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy in Paris. Daniel and Erwin present our paper on ultrasonic device tracking. Malte from CISPA is presenting our joint work on PHP vulnerability discovery.

02/2017 — Congratulations to Team 'Delta Dingos' for winning this year's DataLab (Praktikum Intelligente Systemsicherheit).


10/2016 — We are attending the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security in Vienna, Austria. Chris presents our paper on 64-bit migration vulnerabilities.

10/2016 — We are happy to report that our open-source tool Joern has received the second prize at the renown German Prize for IT-Security in Darmstadt.

07/2016 — Our Bachelor project on ultrasonic network communication has won the third prize at the annual TDSE student competition.

07/2016 — Our paper on analyzing and detecting Flash-based malware has received the Best Paper Award at the 13th DIMVA in San Sebastian.

06/2016 — Off topic: Our team with Christian and Ansgar has won the table soccer competition at the BRICS opening symposium.

04/2016 — We are very happy to report that Dr. Fabian Yamaguchi has received the CAST/GI Award IT-Security for his PhD thesis on pattern-based vulnerability discovery. Details are available here.

04/2016 — We are excited to announce the launch of the new Institute of System Security. Starting with this semester, the research group of Prof. Dr. Konrad Rieck will conduct research and teaching on computer securtiy in Braunschweig. Stay tuned.

03/2016 — We are offering the following courses in this semester at TU Braunschweig: Machine Learning for Computer Security (lecture) and Verdeckte Kommunikation mit Ultraschall (SEP). More details are available here.


11/2015 — We are happy that over 100 students have registered for our lecture Introduction to Computer Security

05/2015 — We are attending the 36th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in San Jose, California. Fabian presents our paper on inferring search patterns for taint-style vulnerabilities in source code.

05/2015 — Our group is running two new projects: The research project ABBO deals with the detection of organized fraud in e-commerce and the project APT-Sweeper aims at detecting targeted attacks in email and web communication.

01/2015 — We have started the research project INDI. The project is concerned with detecting unknown and novel attacks in industrial networks (e.g. in power plants). It is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research with 1.6 Mio. Euro.


10/2014 — The winter term finally started! We are offering the following courses: Introduction to Computer Security (lecture) and Intrusion and Malware Detection (seminar).

08/2014 — We are happy to report that Prof. Rieck is a recipient of this year's Google Faculty Research Awards! Google is supporting our research on modeling and finding vulnerabilities in binary code graph with a gift of $83,000.

05/2014 — We are attending the 35th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy< in San Jose, California. Fabian presents our paper on finding security vulnerabilities in source code with graph mining.

03/2014 — We are running a new research project: DEVIL. The project is concerned with discovering vulnerabilities in source code using machine learning and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for a period of two years.

02/2014 — We are happy to attend the 17th NDSS in San Diego, where we present our paper on effectively detecting Android malware on smartphones.


11/2013 — Our group is attending the 20th ACM CCS in Berlin. We are presenting our work on finding missing security checks in source code at the main conference as well as two papers at the co-located AISEC workshop.

10/2013 — We are attending the 16th RAID Symposium in St. Lucia and present our paper on deobfuscating embedded malware with techniques from classic cryptography.

10/2013 — The following courses are offered in the winter term: Introduction to Computer Security (lecture) and Intrusion and Malware Detection (seminar).

03/2013 — Summer is slowly coming. We are offering the following courses in this summer term: Machine Learning for Computer Security (lecture) and Hot Topics in Computer Security (seminar).


12/2012 — Our paper on extrapolating vulnerabilities using abstract syntax trees has received the Outstanding Paper Award at the 28th ACSAC in Orlando.

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