Construction and Monitoring of Test Areas for MBT Disposal

Client: Landkreis Northeim, Abfallzweckverband Süd-Ost-Niedersachsen

Schedule: 2008-2010

Head of project: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Fricke

Coordinator: Dipl.-Ing. Kai Münnich

Location: Northeim, Lower Saxony, Germany


Since 2005 only treated waste (from incineration or MBT) is allowed to be deposited on landfills. Especially the mechanical treatment leads to a totally different behaviour of the waste during the emplacement and influences strongly the long-term behaviour of the landfill body. Because of the smaller diameter of the MBT waste the emplacement density is increasing, and as a result the hydraulic conductivity and also the settlement is decreasing. On the other hand the smaller material size reduces the effect of fibres on the stability. In the last years a lot of laboratory investigations had been made in order to determine the MBT behaviour under fixed boundary conditions. But only a few tests had been made on landfill areas under practical conditions.

Therefore a project with the following main aspects had been started:

  • construction of a test area for long-term monitoring

  • determination of the optimal engines for the emplacement

  • determination of emplacement densities

  • determination of the water balance of the test area

  • determination of the leachate quality

  • determination of the settlement

  • determination of gaseous emissions

These tests on the landfill area are completed by laboratory tests to determine the fundamental physical and bio-chemical behaviour of the waste material.