Course Information

The Chair of Services Management offers a variety of courses in which students learn concepts, methods and theories for managing services companies. The offered courses ensure a highly ambitious theoretical background of theories in combination with practical in-depth examples.


The Bachelor course "Services Marketing" teaches the basic understanding concerning the management of service companies and marketing of services. In addition, a broad variety of concepts and methods for analyzing conceptual problems will be discussed. Additionally, topical seminars for empirical analysis are offered each semester. The lectures take place in the summer term.


The corresponding master course "Methods in Services Research" teaches different approaches of concepts and methods for analyzing and solving economic problems in services research. Therefore, "Services Design", "Sales Management", "Customer Relationship Management" and "Strategic Brand Management" are lectured for theoretical background. The associated seminar addresses topical issues and deepens the understanding for this subject.

Scientific Work

The Chair for Services Management offers a wide range of topics for theses throughout the year. In general, they contribute to recent research activities and cover empirical exercises and problems. For further information, please contact Elisabeth Weimer.

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