Pharmacy has been taught at TU Braunschweig (formerly Collegium Carolinum) since 1835. Today, the campus hosts over 600 pharmacy students. It is one of largest centres of pharmacy among German universities and the only one in the state of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen). The study of pharmacy centers around the scientific bases of medical drugs ranging from the preparation of bioactive substances, their chemical analysis and pharmaceutical formulation to their effects on humans. Students also gain insight into different aspects of current research carried out at the pharmaceutical institutes under the common research focus "Bioactive molecules and drug development". Major research themes include, for example, rational drug design, molecular pharmacology of cardiovascular diseases, the development of colloidal microparticlesas drug delivery systems and the biotechnology of bioactive compounds from plants. Research groups from all pharmaceutical institutes collaborate with scientists from the Department of Engineering of TU Braunschweig in the newly founded Center of Pharmaceutical Engineering (PVZ)

Lectures and classes are held in German. For more information about studying pharmacy in Braunschweig, please refer to our German homepage.

More information about our research activities can be found under "Institutes and Research"

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