Detering, S.; Schnieder, L.; Schnieder, E.:
Two-Level Validation and Data Acquisition for Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models.
International Journal on Advances in Systems and Measurements. 3, 2010.


Advanced driver assistance systems can have consequential effects on traffic flow. For the design, optimization and evaluation of these systems investigative simulations are necessary. Previous calibration and validation methods for these simulations utilized either microscopic or macroscopic measurement data. This paper's purpose is to argue that the formerly held calibration and validation perspectives with regard to traffic simulations are incomplete. Moreover, these assistance systems have their own set of particular requirements, and require the simultaneous consideration of microscopic and macroscopic system behavior. Therefore, this paper presents a new measurement concept that is needed to gain the required data necessary for proper calibration and validation. This concept advocates simultaneous measurements sourced in both a vehicle (microscopic) and overall traffic (macroscopic) perspective. Microscopic measurement results obtained by an equipped vehicle are presented.