Müller, J. R.; von Buxhoeveden, G.; Schnieder, E.:
A more effective safety case - Improving tasks lead to economical benefit.
EURO - Zel 2010 - 18th International Symposium EURO - Zel 2010, S. 155-160, Zilina, Mai 2010.


Summary: The European project called „INESS – Integrated European Signalling System“ aims at defining and developing specifications for a new generation of interoperable interlocking systems suitable to be integrated in ERTMS systems, with the objective of making the migration to ERTMS more cost-effective. The Technical University of Braunschweig is leader of the part of INESS that deals with the safety case process. The aim of this essential “workstream” is to reduce time and money for the development of the safety case in industry, i.e. operators as well as suppliers, by avoiding unnecessary or redundant procedures. In this workstream a dozen European partners have contributed to the results.