Beisel, D.; Gacnik, J.; Henning, J.; Köster, F.:
Descas – design process for the development of safety-critical advanced driver assistance systems.
In: Schnieder, E.; Tarnai, G., Hrsg.: Proceedings of Symposium FORMS/FORMAT - Formal Methods for Automation and Safety in Railway and Automotive Systems, S. 103-110, Budapest, Hungary, October 2008.


The Virtual Institute Design of Safety-Critical Automotive Systems strives for introducing a human-centred design process for the development of advanced assistance systems for land-based vehicles. The main goal is the integration of the heterogeneous design streams human factors, safety measures, and functional development and architecture within one single design process which provides a dynamic balance between formally founded and agile development activities. A common ontology ensures synergistic cooperation between the interdisciplinary parts of the development process. Keywords: advanced driver assistance systems, human-centred design process, functional development and architecture, safety, ontology.