Schnieder, E.; Wegele, S.:
Automated dispatching of train operations using discrete optimisation method.
In: Mattfeld, D. C.; Suhl, L., Hrsg.: Tagungsband der Session "Informationssysteme in Transport und Verkehr" der Mulitkonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik / 20.-22.02.2006, Passau, S. 117-128, Februar 2006.


In this paper we present an optimisation method for automatic re-construction of time tables. It can be used for both dispatching and long term operation planning as these are two similar tasks from optimisation point of view. First we define the optimisation task as a minimisation of the annoyance for customers, like train delays, changes of gate etc. Basing on a special coding of the time table we present an optimisation method with several levels, which help to reduce the calculation efforts. The method was tested with a real data from German Railways (Deutsche Bahn AG).