Hänsel, F.; Poliak, J.; Slovak, R.; Schnieder, E.:
A Demonstrator for Validation and Visualisation of Processes in Guided Transportation.
In: Universität Zilina, Hrsg.: Tagungsband des 12. Internationalen Symposium Zel 2005/ 24.-25.05.2005, Zilina, Slovakei, S. 58 - 66, Bd. I, Zilina, Slovakei, 2005.


In the development of future control systems for guided transportation, it can be reasonable to validate and visualise early stages of the implementation. For this purpose, real railway systems are, due to some legal and financial reasons, not always suitable. On the other hand, a real system is preferred against a software simulation, because it contains some (physical) effects whose implementation in a software simulation are complex.

At the Institute for Traffic Safety and Automation at the Technical University of Braunschweig a railway demonstrator was designed and implemented for this kind of work. Is contains several locomotives, a modular designed system of track modules for setup of different topologies and a software framework for the control. Due to the special architecture, very different applications can be remote connected to the demonstrator to control and use it.