Rodic, A.; Becker, U.; Schnieder, E.:
Intelligent Safety-Stability Control System of Road Vehicles Based on Characteristics of Driver- Vehicle System Performances.
In: VDI, Hrsg.: Steuerung und Regelung von Fahrzeugen und Motoren - AUTOREG 2002, S. S. 353-362, April 2002. Tagung Mannheim 15./16. 4. 2002, VDI-Verlag.


This paper represents a conceptual paper. It is result of the first phase of current research project supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. In this paper, a novel advanced safety-stability control system is presented. Modelling of hybrid, driver-vehicle system in this paper represents a fundament for design of an intelligent driver-assisted control system. System modelling is based on a knowledge of spatial integrated vehicle dynamics as well as on a knowledge of psychological and physiological behaviour of human operator. The control structure presented in this paper contents of two functional blocks: (i) dynamic stability control system and (ii) hazard prevention control system. Both control blocks are designed as combination of model-based – knowledge-based control structures. Structure of control blocks are briefly described in the paper. At the end of the paper, a simulation example are presented in order to get a better insight into the details of control design. A brief conclusion stressing out the main fundaments of proposed control system is given, too.