Slovak, R.; Schnieder, E.:
Konzeption von Sicherheitsanalysen auf der Basis allgemeiner stochastischer Petrinetze am Beispiel eines Bahnübergangssicherungssystems.
Proceedings of the Workshop Radio-Based Operation on Branch Lines, S. 45-56, 2001. University of Zilina.


Higher expectations in performance and safety of future train control systems and the efficient system development in this domain can profit from the use of formal methods. This paper introduces a concept for the safety analysis according to European Railway Standards. The role of a qualitative and a quantitative analysis in the system safety design is discussed. The presented formal language approach is based on a suitable class of stochastic Petrinets. Its application is shown on example of a level crossing system. With special regard to the safety, the paper discuss the analysis proof methodology basing on safe state reachability investigations and analytical solutions and their integration into the safety system design.