Schrom, H.; Schnieder, E.:
SCAN - A hardware minimised low cost / low power bus - A functional overview -.
MICRO.tec 2000, S. Volume 1, S. 183-186, Hannover, ''2 2000. Hannover.


For cost sensitive applications as for example building automation as well as non-safety critical car or train on-board date exchange a fieldbus with minimised effort for hardware and easy setting-up is required (e.g.). This im-plies a complete decentralisation of sensors and actuators where every device gets its own bus node at very low costs. The SCAN is a fieldbus where hardware is minimised to essential functions for the aim of cost reduction (approx. 10 Euro instead of 50 to 250 Euro per node for common-off-the-shelf components). The bus interface and the low power concept allow large numbers of nodes per segment (approx. 1000 instead of 32 nodes per segment). A uni-fied bus node with software implementation of the protocol controller and free capacity for applications allows the use of "smart sensors" without additional hardware which is shown as a functional example. A perspective to a set of application adapters to fulfil most of the usual needs is given.