König, S.; Bikker, G.:
Developing and Implementing a Framework for Case Tool Coupling - Object Orientation upon Tool Level.
In: Baake, U. F.; Zobel, R. N.; Al-Akaidi, Hrsg.: ECEC 2000 Concurrent Engineering in the Framework of it Convergence, S. 205-210, Delft, ''7 2000. Leicester, 17.-19. April 2000.


In order to provide an extensive simulation environment enabling the user to combine several methods withour being limited to a single tool´s perfomance, a CORBA based framework was developed and several both commercial and custom made CASE tools have been integrated. The framework supports an object oriented view, enables hardware in the loop, and helps closing the gaps between modeling, simulation, implementation and validation process. It has been succesfully applied to a project developing a simulation investigating new freight traffic concepts.