Janhsen, A.; Krone, M.:
Simulation and Virtual Reality in Requirements Engineering.
In: Troch, I.; Breitenecker, F., Hrsg.: ARGESIM Report No. 11 - Proceedings of 2nd MATHMOD, 05.-07.02.1997, S. 485-490, Wien, ''6 1997. Wien.


Developing large and complex tailway systems is a diffilcult tast due to the fact that lots of requrements and detailed aspects have to be considered. This it is important to emphasise on early phases and especially on the requirements engineering phase. To enhance the result of this stage, wi will combine modelling methods with simulation and virtual reality representations of the later system. In this paper we introduce the structure of the design framework, relate simulation, visualisation and virtual reality representations to railway systems engineering and explain the idea of combing both.