Janhsen, A.; Schnieder, E.:
Knowledge representation: From human ideas to design models for automation systems.
Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Engineering - AIENG, Udine, ''6 1995. Udine.


In history the design process was usually made by only one person who had the whole knowledge and ovrview of the project and the complete idea or model of the product in his mind. But nowadays the technical design becomes more diffilcult as the systems get more and more complex and the degree of automation is always increasing. Therefore more people are involved in the same project for the design. To work efficiently together designers use tools for representation of their knowledge in the creation process of new products such as computer programs or mechanical contructions. But tools are often used only in a very late stage of the whole design process. This results often in misunderstanding or incomplete descriptions which should be avoided. That gives us the idea to habe a more detailed look at the design process to get a higher efficiency in creating our world.