Findeisen, R.;Grüne, L.; Pannek, J.;Varutti, P.:
Robustness of Prediction Based Delay Compensation forNonlinear Systems.
Proceedings of the 18th IFAC World Congress, S. 203–208, 2011.


Control of systems where the information between the controller, actuator, and sensor can be lost or delayed can be challenging with respect to stability and performance. One way to overcome the resulting problems is the use of prediction based compensation schemes. Instead of a single input, a sequence of (predicted) future controls is submitted and implemented at the actuator. If suitable, so-called prediction consistent compensation and control schemes, such as certain predictive control approaches, are used, stability of the closed loop in the presence of delays and packet losses can be guaranteed. In this paper, we show that control schemes employing prediction based delay compensation approaches do posses inherent robustness properties. Specifically, if the nominal closed loop system without delay compensation is ISS with respect to perturbation and measurement errors, then the closed loop system employing prediction based delay compensation techniques is robustly stable. We analyze the influence of the prediction horizon on the robustness gains and illustrate the results in simulation.