Frazzon, E.; Albrecht, A.; Hurtado, P.A.; de Souza Silva, L.; Pannek, J.:
Hybrid Modeling Approach for theScheduling and Control of Integrated Production and Logistic Processes along Export Supply Chains.
Proceedings of the 15th IFAC Symposium on Information Control in Manufacturing INCOM, S. 1521–1626, 2015.


The scheduling and control of integrated production and logistic processes along export supply chains is challenging due to its complexity and dynamic behaviours. In this paper we propose and test a procedure for the integrated scheduling and control of production and logistics processes of export supply chains, which is based on a hybrid modelling, which combines linear programing and discrete event simulation. The latter combination provides the capability of (i) dealing with complex optimisation problems and (ii) considering stochastic behaviours. The scheme allows exchanging competitive costs and service level in supply chains. The results obtained in a simulation-based test case, with a significant reduction of late orders, indicate the potential for further development of proposed approach.