Hosse, R. S.; Bagschik, G.; Maurer, M.; Becker, U.; Bengler, K.:
Evolution Issues of Automated Driving Functions by Application of Systemic Accident Analysis on the Example of the Tesla Model S Fatality.
In: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hrsg.: Proceedings of the STAMP Workshop 2017, Chambridge, USA, March 2017. STAMP Workshop 2017.


Automated driving functions are developed and introduced by most of the OEMs but also start-up companies with a very fast technical development. First applications show the potentials of automated driving functions. Unfortunately, deadly accidents arise, when drivers begin to trust in the technology and neglect their operative duties while driving, not yet, fully automated. This abstract contribution exemplifies the transition issues from driver only modes to higher automation modes. Therefore, Causal Analysis using System Theory (CAST) is applied on the Tesla Model S deadly accident. Another contribution towards the STAMP community is a more detailed description of different levels of automated vehicles and socio-technical aspects of auto-mated driving. The authors also want to open a discussion to-wards the applicability of STAMP in automated driving systems.