Burmeister, F.; Schnieder, L.; Kurczveil, T.:
Simulation Based Studies on the Integration of Battery-Electric Vehicles in Regional Bus Services.
Proceedings of 18th International Conference on ITS, S. 1333-1338, September 2015. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE.


Around the world, more and more cities already have introduced electric-powered bus fleets or are planning to do so in the near future. Thus far, electrical-powered bus fleets have not yet been applied to regional bus services. This paper analyzes the boundary conditions of the operational integration of electrically powered bus fleets in regional bus services. The paper introduces a methodical approach which can be used to identify the optimum deployment strategy for electrical-powered buses which is a combination of technological factors (e.g. dimensions of energy storage and charging technology) the operational regime to be applied (e.g. routing and scheduling). The methodical approach is exemplarily instantiated with the analysis of sample data of a bus line in a topographically challenging region. The model-driven prognosis of the vehicle’s state of charge is the basis for the definition of an optimum deployment strategy for electrical-powered buses on that line.