Manz, H.; Schnieder, E.; Stein, D.; Spindler, M.; Lauer, M.; Seedorff, C.; Baudis, A.; Becker, U.; Beugin, J.; Khanh Nguyen, T. P.; Marais, J.:
GaLoROI: Satellite based localization in railways.
IC-ARE - International Congress on Advanced Railway Engineering, Istanbul, Türkei, März 2015.


n this paper the results of the EU-funded project GaLoROI (Galileo Localization for Railway Operation Innovation) are presented. The satellite based localization unit for railways developed within GaLoROI serves as a basis for modern train control systems allowing a safe and precise continuous localization of trains increasing the capacity and operational performance of railways in comparison to current discrete train localization methods. GaLoROI started with the specifications of the localization unit which represent the state of the art of both railway and GNSS technology. Based on these specifications, the product development including system integration, verification and validation has been carried out with the target to reach the high safety level of SIL 3 specified in railway standardisation. The development was followed by tests and demonstration runs. It was accompanied by a RAMS performance analysis and an economical assessment. The results from the safety perspective have been summarized and reflected in the safety case and the assessment of the safety case. These results of GaLoROI are presented in this paper. They are a unique step in the field of satellite based localization for railways. Prior to GaLoROI, only the viability of satellite based localization in railways could be demonstrated. In GaLoROI it has been shown that satellite based localization is able to provide a precise and safe localization following the demonstration processes required by the railway safety standards.