Manz, H.; Schnieder, E.; Becker, U.; Seedorff, C.; Baudis, A.:
Certifiable Satellite Based Safe On-Board Train Localisation Unit.
AusRAIL PLUS 2013 - Driving the costs out of rail, Sydney, Australien, November 2013.


This paper presents the work of the consortium of the European Commission funded project GaLoROI (Galileo Localization for Railway Operation Innovation). It aims for a certifiable satellite based localization unit for railways. This unit developed within GaLoROI will serve as a basis for modern train control systems allowing a safe and precise continuous localization of trains that would increase the capacity and operational performance of railways in comparison to current discrete train localization methods. Within the GaLoROI project, the specifications and implementation of the localization unit adopt the railway’s current state of the art technology and have been derived from a structured research and development process. This will be followed by the processes of system integration, validation, tests and demonstration runs. Certification of the localization unit for future applications will require a standard railway compliant safety case for every development and commissioning of a new system or device. Projects dealing with satellite based localization have so far only demonstrated the usability of satellite based localization in railways. GaLoROI goes one step further by providing a certifiable localization unit enabling the usage for both non-safety relevant and safety relevant applications. The project findings are not only of interest within Europe but also in other parts of the world, where track side train localization equipment is regarded as too expensive and therefore more economic and efficient solutions are sought.