Yurdakul, A.; Schnieder, E.; Hodon, M.:
Standardisation of international and interdisciplinary terminology in the language of transportation and automation engineering.
EURO-ZEL 2013 - 21st International Symposium, Zilina, Slowakei, Juni 2013.


The technical progress and the globalisation accelerate more and more the development of new disciplines and sub-disciplines. As a consequence, new and specific terminology is necessary. Also the interdisciplinarity contributes as well to the development of communication problems between non-professionals and experts of a special field or between experts of different sciences — as well at international level. It is usual that technical terms are defined differently in different fields and disciplines. Therefore, a new terminological approach will avoid classical problems as synonymy, antonymy, hypernymy-hyponym relations and homonymy etc. For example, the terms “localisation” and “positioning” are prototypes for that. The target of the “iglos[1]” terminology database of the Institute of Traffic Safety and Automation Engineering of the Braunschweig University of Technology is to avoid the multilingual misunderstanding between special languages of different fields by standardising the definitions of technical terms.