Arndt, S.:
Terminology-based Requirements Engineering: Semantic Structures as Knowledge Base.
ICSE 2012 – International Conference on Systems Engineering 2012, Coventry, United Kingdom, September 2012.


Today, every complex engineering project needs to deal with communication problems due to overlapping and inconsistent specialised languages and vagueness within natural language in general. In fact, the costs of misunderstandings are more and more increasing especially in interdisciplinary and international teams. The only solution is a flexible terminology management system, which allows to clarify possible misunderstandings as early as they occur which is often as early as requirements engineering. Here, natural language or formal modeling (which uses natural language as well) is the main method of documentation. A new approach for a highly interconnected terminology management system is introduced here, since a semantically well-structured terminology can serve as a knowledge-base for requirements modeling in natural language as well as models like UML.