Wegener, M.; Schnieder, E.:
State-space Based Adaptation of the ISO GUM to Time-dependent Uncertainties of Dynamically Measured Quantities.
XX IMEKO World Congress 2012, Busan, Republic of Korea, September 2012.


The well-established ISO GUM method for evaluating measurement uncertainties refers to measurements where the properties of all involved quantities are assumed to be constant. In many technical applications, however, a time-dependent uncertainty information that can be attributed to values measured and filtered by dynamic systems is more and more needed, e.g. for closed-loop control. This contribution extends the existing ISO GUM method consistently to time-dependent quantities of dynamic systems in a straightforward way. For this purpose, state-space models are used, as this approach results in a method that is very close to the original ISO GUM. The method is demonstrated by using the example of a low-pass filter.