Bachelorthesis Architecture

Course content

The students are able to work independently on a design task within a limited time. They are able to grasp an architectural problem and its implications and to clarify them analytically. They will be able to understand the artistic and spatial requirements, the social and cultural demands as well as the technical, economical and functional requirements, and to evaluate and hierarchize them. They will be able to formulate an architectural concept as a solution and to specify it as a architectural form by means of experimental and methodical processes. They are able to apply the knowledge acquired up to that point from all areas of competence in an integrative manner in the design. They are able to present the architectural solution and the design process in a clear and generally understandable way that is standard for the subject and its practice. They are proficient in the techniques and media necessary for this purpose. Bachelor colloquium: The students are able to present their design in a final presentation using plans, models and, if necessary, other artifacts and, if required, present it using other suitable media. They are able to discuss the results of their work with the examiners in a professional manner. They thus train their rhetorical skills.

Architectural design with a planning and urban design orientation, given programmatic and contextual parameters (building task, spatial program, location). Advanced design skills: Analysis of program and context, development of thematic, spatial or constructive concepts at different scales, generation and verification of a design-defining idea. Advanced drafting skills considering conceptual, programmatic and contextual parameters. Application and integration of analog and digital techniques in concept development and presentation, presentation training.

Course information

Code 4127005
Degree programme(s) Architecture
Lecturer(s) Prof. Dr. Vanessa Miriam Carlow
Type of course Urban design (thesis)
Semester Winter and summer semester
Language of instruction Bilingual
Level of study Bachelor
ECTS credits 14