Applied Topics in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Course content

The students gain insight into current issues of applied multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) of commercial aircraft and learn the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge gained in the lecture "Multidisciplinary Design Optimization". They are familiar with recent results of research into MDO and practical applications and have an overview of relevant recent publications. The students know the current state of the art in the field of MDO and understand how modern and advanced MDO techniques support the engineering design process of complex products. They are familiar with open issues and challenges that are the subject of ongoing research. They deepen selected applied topics in MDO in discussions and by preparing and giving presentations. In practical hands-on exercises, students learn to use an open-access, collaborative MDO environment to set up and solve MDO problems and to implement and compare various optimization strategies. The focus on practical aspects gives students an insight into the capabilities and limitations of MDO and introduces them to the most important problems and difficulties that occur in real-world optimization problems.

Topics addressed are: 

  • Collaborative MDO novel and advanced MDO architectures
  • Pros and cons of different MDO formulations
  • Optimization frameworks and software to solve large nonlinear optimization problems
  • Issues in benchmarking MDO architectures
  • Real-world applications and associated challenges

Course information

Code 2515056
Degree programme(s) Biochemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering
Lecturer(s) and contact person Prof. Stefan Görtz
Type of course Lecture + exercise course
Semester Summer semester
Language of instruction English
Level of study Master
ECTS credits 5