Advance Composite Materials in Construction

Course content

This course is designed for Bachelor and Master students in architecture and civil engineering and will be held in English. Advanced composite materials made of glass and carbon fibers have been used for infrastructure in the worldwide for many years. The course will focus on use and design of structures with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials. Material properties of FRP composites, Manufacturing of composite structures, Mechanics and failure analysis of FRP, Flexural and Shear strengthening of RC structures with externally bonded FRP reinforcement, Concrete column confinement, FRP strengthening of masonry and timber structures, Design of FRP profile and all FRP structures, Monitoring and testing methods of FRP will be taught. Students will learn about relevant physical and mechanical properties of advanced composite materials and acquire in-depth knowledge about raw materials, properties, manufacturing, and design of composite materials as well as their hybrid structures for structural engineering.

Course information

Code 4334001
Degree programme(s) Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial and Civil Engineering
Lecturer(s) and contact person Prof. Dr. Libo Yan
Type of course Lecture + exercise course
Semester Summer semester
Language of instruction English
Level of study Master
ECTS credits 6