IMD | Where are we now? | Lucas Gutierrez _NEW PARAGIGMS OF DIGITAL CULTURE

Gastvortrag in der IMD-Vorlesungsreihe WHERE ARE WE NOW?

Donnerstag, 05. 12. 2019 _15.00 Uhr _Pockelsstr. 4, Raum PK 4.7

Am Donnerstag, den 05. Dezember setzt das IMD _Institute of Media and Design seine Ringvorlesung mit dem Titel WHERE ARE WE NOW? fort mit einer Lecture des Medienkünstlers Lucas Gutierrez: Current social transformations in the digital age provide us a wide variety of playful experiences. Paradigms denote our mindset and help us to decode realities. Are technologies attuning to people’s daily routines?


As an approach to this topic, Lucas Gutierrez will present and share the process of his recent art and design projects. Often quoting current social fears and dystopias, using the language of colorful, chaotic metaphysics and industrial design influences.

Lucas Gutierrez is a Digital Artist and Industrial Designer based in Berlin. He is deeply involved in the remix culture and real time AV session projects in which he blends influences of different contexts. His narrative is often quoting current social fears and dystopias, but mostly using the language of colorful, chaotic metaphysics.

His most recent talks and performances were in Sonar+D and MUTEK (Argentina/Mexico), ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe, NYU Berlin, exhibitions at The New Infinity | Berliner Festspiele | Immersion, XS Gallery (Poland), Aperto Raum and Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM  (Berlin, Germany). Lucas Gutierrez is a member of Fungo (Lisbon) and part of Selam X (Berlin).

The lecture is in English and open for all study semesters. Students of HBK Braunschweig are welcome.