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Sanitary and Environmental Engineering? What is it Good for?

Water - Wastewater - Environment

Sanitary engineering is a branch of civil engineering concerned with water supply and wastewater discharge for urban or industrial areas i.e. all human settlements. It covers drinking water supply, collection and drainage of wastewater and rainfall, wastewater and sludge treatment, wastewater recycling, biogas production, nutrient recovery and mass flow balances.

Our Research

Our research and development work and our expert reports cover the two major topics wastewater and sludge treatment with all their diverse scientific aspects. A special focus is on the development of advanced biological wastewater treatment methods (e.g. SBR-technology, bio-filtration, anaerobic wastewater treatment) and the optimization of physical, chemical and biological treatment processes for industrial wastewaters and landfill leachate. Our work includes dimensioning of wastewater treatment plants by calculation and dynamic simulation. We determine calculation data, work out treatment concepts and offer scientific monitoring and recommendations especially for the start-up phase of large-scale wastewater treatment plants. Also we develop new treatment concepts in regard to minimizing energy and resource demand. A special emphasis of our research and development activities is in sludge treatment. Activities range from sludge treatment concepts and optimization of sludge stabilization to determination of dewatering parameters and conditioning agent demand. We also conduct lab-scale dewatering tests, full-scale investigations or concept studies for energy recycling. Recycling of resources (e.g. phosphorus recovery) from sludge and mass flow balances are also important topics.

According to the principle "Reduce-Reuse-Recycle", we are dedicated to sustainable environmental protection in our research work. We pay special attention to problems in threshold and developing countries taking into account the ideas of the Agenda 21 and the Millenium Development Goals defined in 2015.

Our Courses

First of all our courses are offered for the Bachelor and Master Programs of Civil, Environmental and Industrial Engineering and Environmental Sciences (Geoecology).
Exam Dates

However our classes are also open to students enrolled in biotechnology, biology and chemistry or mechanical engineering etc.
On-line Exam Registration for students from other faculties (Pool, optional class attendance, guests, Erasmus etc.).

For questions concerning credit points, exam dates, BA and MA theses, exam organisation etc.
please contact: isww@tu-braunschweig.de

Besides its responsibilities in university teaching, the institute has contributed considerably to various national and international programs for advanced educational training of wastewater experts

Analytical Laboratory and Research Facilities

Our laboratory for wastewater and sludge testing is well equipped for a wide range of analytical tests of wastewater and sludge samples.. The lab is also used for tutored student lab work and for tutored student experiments forMA and BA theses .

In our research facilities lab scale experiments for the treatment of wastewater and sludges are carried out. Various lab scale treatment plants and bio-reactors as well as special equipment for investigating chemical/physical treatment processes exist.

We also have a workshop for manufacturing parts for experimental and half-scale treatment plants. In addition, we can supply containers (mobile pilot-scale treatment plant) for realizing various half-scale experiments under special temperature settings.These lab containers are used for mobile applications of our test facilities on wastewater treatment plants all over the world. modell

Contact Person

Research Laboratory:
Michael Aspeleiter und Axel Conrad
Research Facilities and Workshop: Helge Wahlandt

Administration and Library

Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Thursday   10.00 - 12.00 and on appointment

Contact Person:

Claudia Mayerl: administration, homepage, student advisor
n.n.                   administration and library

We have a well-stocked reference library specialized on sanitary engineering and water science. The library is generally open during normal office hours. Books and journals cannot be lent out. A reading room and a copying machine are available. We have an electronic catalogue with search engines and if you have any further questions, there is always someone there to help you.

Please contact the secretary before using the library.

The search engine of the main library of the TU Braunschweig will also inform you about the contents of our library. As a result of your literature search you might be directly referred to our institute's library .

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