Business Engineering in Urban Mobility

Business Engineering in Urban Mobility

Business Engineering in Urban Mobility

Unlock the Future of Urban Mobility!

Are you ready to shape the future of urban transportation? The Master's programme in Business Engineering in Urban Mobility offers you a transformative learning experience to become a leader in one of the most critical and dynamic fields of the 21st century. In a world where urbanisation is on the rise and sustainability is paramount, the demand for innovative solutions in urban mobility is greater than ever before!

The Business Engineering in Urban Mobility programme is a Master's level programme offered through the EIT Urban Mobility Master School. The Master School provides advanced education in urban mobility, with a business minor emphasizing Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Business Engineering programme places a major emphasis on business engineering with a strong methodological focus, complemented by a minor in urban mobility. Graduates from this programme will form an elite cohort of future professionals in urban mobility planning, engineering, operating, innovation, and related fields.

The unique features of this advanced level education are:

  • A strong focus on business engineering in the context of urban mobility
  • Personal industrial connections for the students, including industrial mentors and internships
  • Thematic area grounding and access to resources from EIT Urban Mobility innovation activities
  • Utilisation of EIT Urban Mobility innovation hubs’ resources
  • Interdisciplinary team-building events

Why study this programme?

Why study this programme?

Join us in this master's programme, where you'll be exposed to cutting-edge concepts, gain practical experience, and collaborate with industry experts and peers who share your passion for creating innovative solutions in urban mobility.

Your journey to Urban Mobility Innovation starts here!

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Local contact information

Below you will find the contact information of key personnel working with the EIT Urban Mobility programme at TU Braunschweig. If you have questions about application to the programme, fees, scholarships, insurance, or joint events of EIT Urban Mobility Master School, please contact the Master School Office. masterschool(at)

TU Braunschweig – local admission and support: Marvin Plagge, international-fk1(at)