Gender equality committees and equal opportunity officer

Regarding gender equality as a central task, foundations for structural and long-term improvements of Braunschweigs university are the:

"Gender and Family Working Group and Jour fixe" to strengthen the implementation of gender equality at top level and the participation of universities departments and administration,

"Gender Equality Commission": Voting, supporting and consulting the Central Equal Opportunity Officer. The equal opportunities officer participates in presidium meetings and all central committees,

Equal Opportunity Officers of all departments: taking part in faculty council meetings.

Gender and Family Working Group and Jour fixe

The "Gender and Family Working Group and Jour fixe" aims to anchor gender equality and a family friendly university as a cross-sectoral task, to increase coordination of this activities and to provide for synergy effects.

Members of the Working Group are the Department Heads, the Heads of Divisions, the chairperson of the association TUBSandFamily, the Speaker of the Family Office and the Speaker of the program Dual Career Couples, the chairperson of the Commission for gender equality and the Equal opportunity officer.

The "Gender and Family Jour fixe" is an annual meeting with the Working Group Gender and Family and the president of the university.

Gender Equality Commission

The Commission for gender equality represents all female university members.

In collaboration with the Equal opportunity Officer the Commission prepares principles and focus areas of gender equality policy at TU Braunschweig.

Gender Equality Commission

Central Equal Opportunity Officer

The Equal Opportunity Office is located close to presidium. The Equal Opportunity Officer supports the president and  university boards, faculties and instituts and all university members to establish equal opportunities.

The Equal Opportunity Officer

  • participates in presidium meetings and all central committees, 
  • is supportinng within the university, in Lower Saxony and nationwide the implementation of gender equality,
  • accompanies recruitment procedures,
  • initiates and organizes programs, institutions and certifications, for instance: Mentoring programs, fiMINT, Braunschweiger centre of Gender Studies, library, Total E-Quality,
  • consults members of the university on different topics, for instance: Integration of gender aspects in research applications, Gender equality compatible recruitment policy, Problems with studies or employment, Workplace bullying, Stalking and sexual harassment,
  • provides different information on the topic Equal opportunities.

Adminstrative and Faculty Equal Opportunity Officers

The current contact details of the administrative and faculty equal opportunity officers at the TU Braunschweig can be found here.

  last changed 24.06.2019
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