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London 2016

London Excursion

Dr. M. Marcsek-Fuchs:
London Exkursion – 4412 420

The excursion ‘Literary London’ is an annual highlight. During excursion week, a group of approximately 25 students explores Great Britain’s capital with the focus on its literary and cultural heritage. We enjoy self-guided tours, visit exhibitions, experience a day at the Globe Theatre, venture on a day-trip to the University of Cambridge and celebrate with an evening out at the theatre. For this, we form project groups that lead us through our literary/cultural quest. Our work on the respective projects start early, in the winter term prior to our trip and have included such highlights as Shakespeare’s London, The Great Fire, Pocahontas, Stanley Kubrick at University of Arts London, Dr. Who, James Bond, Jack the Ripper, Multi-cultural London and of course the all-time favourites Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. Further highlights of our trip are our Shakespeare day at the Globe Theatre and our visit to Girton College at Cambridge University. In order to discuss the texts and projects, we will meet once a month, starting in the second week of the winter term.

The next excursion project is in planning. Updates on new plans will follow here.

For inspiration, here some further reading until then:

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