Admela Jukan

Professor Admela Jukan

Professor Admela Jukan

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Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig

Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationsnetze

Institut für Datentechnik und Kommunikationsnetze
Hans-Sommer-Straße 66
38106 Braunschweig



Admela Jukan ist Professorin und Lehrstuhlinhaberin im Fachbereich für Kommunikationsnetze an der Technischen Universität Carolo-Wilhemina zu Braunschweig. Vor dieser Position war sie Dozentin am Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), der University of Illinois at Urbana Champain (UIUC) und Georgia Tech (GaTech). In der Zeit von 1999 bis 2000 war sie als eingeladene Gastwissenschaftlerin an den Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ tätig, und in 2015 an MIT. Von 2002 bis 2004 war sie als Programmdirektorin in der Computer- und Netzwerksystemforschung bei der National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, Virginia, beschäftigt.

Prof. Dr. techn. Admela Jukan erhielt ihren Abschluss als Dr. techn. (mit Auszeichung) in Elektrotechnik und Informatik an der Technischen Universität Wien (sowie die Habilitation), den M.Sc. Abschluss in Information Technologies von der Politecnico di Milano, Italien, und ihr Dipl.-Ing. Abschluss von der Fakultät Elektrotehnike i Racunarstva (FER), in Zagreb, Kroatien.


Die Forschungsgruppe von Prof. Dr. techn. Jukan ist in der Forschung in Bereichen der Theorie und Praxis der Signalisierung, Steuerung und Verwaltung in informationstechnischen vernetzten Systemen der nächsten Generation, sowie der Signalgebung Plattformen und Leistungsbewertung sehr aktiv. Die Interessen liegen in der Zusammenarbeit innerhalb des multidisziplinären Forschungsteams in der Ingenieurwissenschaften, sowie in der Anwendung hoher Breitbandkommunikation und informationstechnischen Technologien in anderen Disziplinen.

Laufende Projekte:

Bisherige Projekte:

  • Volkswagen Foundation, VW Stiftung, Project entitled: Animal-Cyber Systems (ACS) - Gaining Access to Farm Animal Welfare, 2019-2020.
  • H2020 EU, Project entitled: mF2C: Towards an Open, Secure, Decentralized and Coordinated Fog-to-Cloud Management Ecosystem, 2017-2019.
  • BMBF - PLANETS-SENDATE - SEcure Networking for a DATa center cloud in Europe - 2016-2019
  • DFG - New Horizons in Optical Networking with Elastic Spectrum Allocation and Parallel Transmission - 2015-1017
  • Coordinator EU Project Project PACE (, Nr. 619712, (2014-2016), Project entitled: Next Steps in PAth Computation Element (PCE) Architectures: From Software Defined Concepts to Standards, Interoperability and Deployment, Partners from industry: Telefonica, Orange, Old Dog Consulting, Nextworks.
  • BMBF Project SASER-SIEGFRIED, Nr. CPP2011/2-5 (2012-2015), Project entitled: Safe and Secure European Routing - Security and Energy Efficiency in Flexible and Resilient Data Networks, Industrial sponsor: Nokia Siemens Networks.
  • Coordinator: EU Project ONE (, Nr. 258300 (2010-2013), Project entitled: Towards Automated Interactions between the Internet and the Carrier-Grade Management Ecosystems, Partners from industry: Telefonica, ADVA, Juniper.
  • EU Project TEFIS, Nr. 258142 (2012-2013), Project entitled: Experimenting with Quagga Open API and Cross-layer Coordinated Networks Partners from industry: THALES Services SAS, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., IT Innovation, ActiveEon, Software Quality System S.A, Megve Tourisme.
  • EU Project Geysers (IP), Nr. 248657 (2009-2012), Project entitled: Generalized Architecture for Dynamic Infrastructure Services, Partners from the Industy: Telefonica, Interroute, SAP, ADVA, Nextworks.
  • X10 Media Composer (IBM Innovation Award)
  • (Received AWARD OF EXCELLENCE in 2011) 100 Gb/s Carrier-grade Ethernet (awarded by BMBF)
  • German Science Foundation (DFG) and State of Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAFESP) in Brazil, Project entitled: Inter-domain Peering and Provisioning in Optical Networks, in collaboration with Prof. Nelson Fonseca, University of Campinas, Brazil, 2008-2011. Basic Research.


Foschungs- und Lehrlabore

  • Network-of-Things Engineering Lab: link




Dr. Wolfgang Bziuk


  • Muonagor M. Chukwuemeka (Msc student)
  • Ben Taarit Oussama (Bsc student)
  • Randa Zarrouk (PhD student)
  • Khiet Nhi Thang (Bsc student) 

Alumni (chronologically)

  • Simon Phillip, Msc thesis: "Communication protocol evaluation based on energy models of the IoT application,", Sept 2021.
  • Ousamma Chebi, Bsc thesis: " Implementation of an Intent-Based Translator of Security Appliances for Supply Chains of ICT systems," Sept 2021.
  • Ben Taarit Ousamma, Bsc thesis: "Implementation and Benchmmarking of the SVD methods for adaptive THz Systems," May 2021.
  • Marc Michalke, Msc thesis: "Evaluating Serverless Functions in an Edge to Cloud System," March 2021.
  • Shadi Kataa, MSc thesis: “Experimentally Benchmarking MQTT and HTTP/3 (HTTP OVER QUIC) in edge-to-cloud systems,” Sept 2020.
  • Anna Engelemann, Dissertationsarbeit (mit Auszeichnung): "An Analytical Framework for Evaluation of Reliability and Security in Advanced Network Systems," June 2020.
  • Fredrik Schaefer, MSc thesis: “Applicability of methods from predictive policing and machine learning in rescue services: a case study with emergency data from Braunschweig,” May 2020.
  • Marta Delgado, MSc thesis: “Engineering and Experimentally Benchmarking a Container-based Edge Computing System,” March 2020.
  • Theresa Kull, MSc thesis: “Engineering an Application for Data Processing in Smart Farming Systems,” Oct 2019
  • Pablo Garcia, Bsc thesis: "Using Machine Learning for Animal Recognition in Smart Farms System," Oct 2018.
  • Askri Ahlem, Msc thesis: "Development of a blockchain system as a distributed database for IoT devices,", Nov 2018.
  • Moertadha Dhkar, Msc thesis: "An experimenta testbed of an early warning system with wireless sensor network and machine learning," Aug 2018.
  • Pablo Garcia Sanchez, Msc thesis: "Using Machine Learning for Animal Recognition in Smart Farming Systems,", Aug 2018
  • Mounir Bensalem, Msc thesis: "Heuristic Machine Learning-based Algorithm for Replication of Virtual Network Functions," Nov 2017.
  • Zied Naceur, Msc Thesis: "Smart Fog-to-Cloud Computing Systems for Animal Welfare,", Oct 2017.
  • Jasmin Schudrowitz, Msc thesis: "Smart Fog Devices for Animal Welfare Monitoring," Sept 2017.
  • Marta Delgado, Bsc thesis: "Load balancing data center networks using SDN-NFV-based solutions," March 2017.
  • Marcel Caria (Dr.-Ing), Dissertationsarbeit (mit Auszeichnung): "Analysis and optimizatios of hybrid software defined networks," 2017.
  • Samia Dhahri, Msc thesis: "Design and implementation of an algortihm for the dynamic placement of parallel VNFs," 2016.
  • Siqian Zhao, Msc thesis: "Improving Security in Optical SDN Networks with Random Forwarding and Multipath Routing," 2015.
  • Yuesheng (Jason) Zhong, Msc thesis: "Hyrbid SDN-OSPF," 2015.
  • Tamal Das, post-doc 2012-2015, now at IIT Bombay.
  • Alex Hoffmann, Msc thesis: "Entwicklung eines Management Frameworks zur Bestimmung der IP Traffic Matrix mit SNMP- und OpenFlow-basierten Messungen am optischen Bypass," 2014
  • Xiaomin Chen (Dr.-Ing), Dissertationsarbeit (mit Auszeichnung): "Performance Analysis of Parallel Transmission and Multipath Routing in High-Speed Network Systems," 2014.
  • Fran Carpio, Msc thesis: "Network Migration to Energy Efficient Operation," 2014.
  • Anna Engelmann, Msc thesis: "Applications of Linear Network Coding in High-speed Ethernet Systems," 2014.
  • Mohit Chamania (Dr.-Ing), Dissertationsarbeit (mit Auszeichunung): "Multi-layer architecture and System Design of Internet Protocol (IP) and Optical Networks ," 2013.
  • Jason Zhong (Bsc Student), Thesis: "Path Computation Element (PCE) extensions to clouds," 2013.
  • Marek Drogon (Msc Student), Msc thesis: "Performance evaluation of an agent-based model of network migration to new technologies," 2012
  • Sonia Pardo (Msc student), Msc thesis: "A study on benefits of parallel transmission in Inter-data center communication," 2012
  • Anna Engelmann (Bsc student), Bsc thesis: "Optimal Time Quantization for Load Adaptive Energy Saving in IP Networks", 2011.
  • Lorena Vives (Bsc student), Bsc thesis: "A Service Level Agreement (SLA) Framework for Cloud Computing", 2011.
  • Irene Leal (Bsc student), Bsc thesis: "A Service Level Agreement (SLA) Framework for Cloud Computing", 2011.
  • Emir Demirbildek (MsC Student), Msc Thesis: "A BPEL Framework for Cross Layer optimization in IP over Transport Networks", 2011.
  • Marek Drogon (Bsc student), Bsc thesis: "Path Computation Element (PCE) Emulator", 2011.
  • Said Zaghloul (Dr.-Ing.), Dr. -Ing. Thesis: "Design and implementation of AAA Systems in Mobile Telecommunication Networks", 2010.
  • Silvana Greco Polito, PhD (postodoctoral fellow, now with Univ. Enna, Italy), 2009-2010.
  • Marcel Caria (Diplomarbeit), Diplomarbeit: "Effective Usage of Dynamic Circuits for IP Routing", 2010.
  • Dennis Gebbers (Msc student), Msc Thesis: "Performance Study of Adaptive Advance Reservation Techniques for Multi-Domain Quality-of-Service Provisioning", 2010.
  • Patricia Alves Pereira (Msc student, now with P3 Communications GmbH, Aachen), Msc thesis "Technical and Business Challenges for Future Wireless Car-2-X Services", 2009.
  • Shantanu Sunil Kelkar (intern, IIT Bombay)
  • Andre Drummond (Exchange Student, Univ. Campinas, Brazil)
  • Ankit Singla (intern, IIT Bombay)