Facilities / Equipment


CAD-Pools & Working Rooms

As for the field of teaching, the institute has several computer workstations with a total of more than 50 PCs. Thanks to professional CAD graphics cards and 3D input devices, the computers have the capability required for computer-aided design. For the visualization of models, FullHD projectors or public displays are available.


With a room for consultation-hours, the so called Drehscheibe, the IK provides all students with a central office. Outside of the highly frequented lectures and exercises, this room offers you the opportunity to ask questions to the specialist supervisor without time pressure issues, to take a detailed look at the exhibits and to inform yourself about current tasks for student work.

3D- Laboratory

The 3D lab provides facilities for supporting virtual product development, such as 3D scanners and 3D printers. Part of the facilities can be freely used by students. In addition, there are workplaces for smaller mechanical and electronic works.


The IK has an institute-owned library. In addition to a collection of specialist literature, student papers and dissertations written at the IK are also archived here. Borrowing is only possible via the institution members. You can also reach the library at ik-bibliothek@tu-braunschweig.de.


The workshop area has the machine tools and working equipment required for the production of test devices and functional patterns, such as, for example,

  • 3 milling machines, including a 4-axis CNC universal milling machine
  • 3 lathes
  • 2 grinding machines
  • 3 machines for hobbing or boring small tooth systems
  • Electrofusion equipment


Software for product development and design

The software package includes all current CAD systems: Solid Edge and NX from Siemens PLM Software, Creo from PTC and CATIA from Dassault Systemes. For the design of components, calculations, optimization and simulation, the IK is equipped with the eAssistant plug-in from the Braunschweig company GWJ Technologie, ANSYS and Nastran for FEM calculations as well as various programs like Artisan, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab and Mathcad Special solutions can be used.

Research code elPaSo

With the research code , powerful calculation software for acoustic and structural mechanics analyzes is available at the IK. ElPaso is based on FEM (finite element method), BEM (edge element method) and SBFEM (scaled-bounded FEM) and supports various material models as well as element types.


Nahezu alle Vorlesungen, die am IK angeboten werden, werden für Studierende in digitaler Form bereitgestellt. Die Ausstattung besteht aus Tablett-PCs, Funkmikrofon und Videokamera. Zusammen mit spezieller Software können so neben Bild und Ton des Referenten auch Folien und Anmerkungen aufgezeichnet und anschließend im Internet zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Almost all lectures offered at the IK are provided for students in a digital form. The equipment consists of tablet PCs, a wireless microphone and a video camera. Thanks to specific software, in addition to picture and sound of the speaker, slides and notes can also be recorded and subsequently be made available on the internet.

Aktuelles aus der Lehre

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