Blue Stockings 2016

TUBS-Players: English Theatre Group - 4412 324

Dr. M. Marcsek-Fuchs:
TUBS-Players: English Theatre Group – 4412 324            
Mi 19:15 – 22:00, BI 80.303/304 (either via Big Blue Button or at the MakerSpace)
First Meeting: 02.11.2022 (via Big Blue Button)

The theatre group of the Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, the TUBS-Players, has been producing plays for more than 20 years. We aim to provide quality entertainment in English for students of the TU as well as secondary schools and the general public. Any students (also from other faculties) who are interested in joining the group, whether on stage or back-stage, are welcome to join us.

Acting in English gives students an excellent opportunity to improve their language proficiencies and to deepen their interpretative skills in our discussion rounds. The projects help discuss, apply and creatively engage with knowledge acquired in all fields of English Studies: literary/cultural studies, linguistics, didactics, and language skills. Additionally, the students will be introduced to theoretical concepts of performance such as voice, body language, movement analysis (Laban), theatre space, composition/choreography as well as costume and set design. Furthermore, participants will get the opportunity to experience and participate in the making of larger scale cultural events by contributing to such project groups as public relations, programme, finances and backstage management. One of the project groups focuses specifically on creating workshops and preparatory material for schools.

Acting experience is not necessary. Rehearsals and workshops are usually held once or twice a week in the evenings online via Big Blue Button/MakerSpace (as soon as that is possible). We shall use our online meetings to find new ways of digital theatre. Our projects of the upcoming terms include:

  1. NEW PROJECT:A Midsummer Night’s Online Stream:
    Shakespeare’s classic performed as a Video Conference mixed with other participatory digital formats into a transmedia storytelling experience
  2. “Shakespeare@School”
    Part of our Transmedia Storytelling project: A Midsummer Night’s Online Streamwill be created specifically for classroom engagement.

Newcomers are welcome!! For more information please contact Dr. Maria Marcsek-Fuchs (m.marcsek@tu-bs.de) or just come by our first meeting.

To enrol, please sign up in Stud.IP. Registration opens September 30th, 2022 (9 a.m./09:00).