Internationaler Austausch

MBA program: Student exchange with University of Nebraska, Omaha

Prof. Mattfeld offers ISAP grants provided by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for participation in University of Nebraska at Omaha's MBA program. Please contact the International Office for more information on Dual Degree Programs.

Cooperative Dual Degree Program

  • Master Program Business Information Systems (TUBS)
  • Master Program Management Information Systems (UNO)


TUBS and UNO have been sibling universities since 1990. Since then, TUBS has collaborated closely with the College of Business Administration (CBA), and, recently, with the College of Information Science and Technology (IS&T). There has been a cooperative MBA program for TUBS students since 2001, which enables TUBS students to achieve a German Master’s degree as well as an MBA degree in a period of two years. The MBA program is DAAD funded. Since 2009, there has also been a EU/FIPSE funded bi-directional exchange program for undergraduate / Bachelor students together with IS&T.

In an effort to strengthen and enhance the institutional linkage between TUBS and UNO, both institutions agree to establish a cooperative dual degree program for students of both universities to reach a dual degree within two years: the German “Master of Science in Business Administration (Master of Science Wirtschaftsinformatik)” as well as the American “Master of Science in Management Information Systems”. To ensure parallel studying of programs, UNO courses are transferred to TUBS and vice versa. The following conditions have agreed upon.

Basic structure of program

In the first year, students take courses at their home university, while in the second year of the program students will travel overseas in order to take the remaining courses equivalent to one full year of study to satisfy the requirements of the corresponding programs. Half of the required coursework for both degrees will be taken in the partner school in Germany (for UNO students) and USA (for TUBS students). Nonetheless, the basic structure and flow of both universities’ programs will still follow the traditional requirements of TUBS and UNO, respectively. The established admission requirements for the UNO program and the TUBS program will be followed.Tuition reciprocity through the already established sibling university partnership will be utilized to waive tuition for the students admitted to this program.

  • Students study their first year at home university and second year abroad and receive an MS degree from TUBS and UNO.
  • The dual degree track is based on credit transfer between TUBS and UNO.
    (Master MIS: 36 US credits, Master Wirtschaftsinformatik: 120 ECTS)

Admission is simplified due to pre-selection of students at TUBS and UNO:

  • TUBS students and UNO students do not pay tuition
  • TUBS students bring one (instead of 3) letters of recommendation
  • UNO students may make good for language requirements (DSH1) during their stay at TUBS (--> Sense, Course A, Course D, ....)

Admission at UNO for TU BS students

TUBS students enroll at TUBS and start their application at UNO within the first year of their Master program. For application at UNO, the following prerequisites are needed:

  1. Resume
  2. Writing sample
  3. Reference letter
  4. TOEFL

Students from TUBS applying at UNO through the international dual degree track will be required to submit only one letter of recommendation regarding their ability to succeed at UNO given their academic background and language skills.

ECTS are transferred to UNO by means of 15 (of 36) US credits.

In the second year, TUBS students attend courses at UNO. These should be transferred to TUBS as follows:


TUBS Dual Degree
TUBS Dual Degree