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Information about founding period
The Research Training Group "Protein Complex Assembly" started its first founding period in October 2016.

 Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis Complex

P1   Role of Cnx1 for assembly of the Moco biosynthesis complex

P2   Role of actin cytoskeleton and molybdate transporters for assembly of the moco
                      biosynthesis complex        

P3   Analysis of assembly and disassembly of the Moco biosynthesis and other 
                      complexes by fluorescence cross correlation spectroscopy        

P4   Lamellipodial protein complexes driving Arp2/3-dependent branching        

P12 Deciphering the role of posttranslational modifications for Moco biosynthesis
                      complex assembly

 Electron Transferring Respirasome and Smaller Complexes

P5   Dynamic protein-protein interactions for the assembly of the denitrification supra
                      complex in P. aeruginosa

P6   Respirasome dynamics and turnover in activated T lymphocytes

P7   Small membrane associated proteins integrated into the respirasome in
                      P. aeruginosa

P8   Molecular driving forces for temporal and spatial protein complex assembly

P9   Maturation of nitrite reductase NirS through interaction with NirF and NirN

P10 Engineering a novel ferredoxin for efficient electron transfer to cytochrome P450s

P11 Unraveling the protein machinery and protein-interaction dynamics essential for
                      flagellar and vesicle formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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