Drug Development and Analytics

Within the focus area Drug Development and Analytics modern aspects of medicinal chemistry and drug design are investigated at the Institute of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. This includes computational chemistry, the development of valid analytical methods as well as preparative drug synthesis and biological evaluation procedures.

In the area of drug design advanced bioinformatical, virtual screening and molecular modeling methods are used to systematically identify promising drug candidates with a special focus on antiinfective drugs. The field of pharmaceutical analytics deals with important aspects of modern instrumental analytical procedures such as chromatographic and electrophoretic separation methods or fast spectroscopic techniques (e.g. NIR, fluorescence based assays). Another relevant topic concerns the sensitive bioanalytical detection of metal based drugs (e.g. by means of HRCS-AAS). Within this research, issues of quality control, validation and statistics are of particular importance. In the area of drug synthesis and biological evaluation, we focus on the development of advanced protein kinase inhibitors as well as on bioinorganic medicinal chemistry. The groups of the institute are integrated in several joint research cooperations financially supported by different national and international funding agencies.

  last changed 06.03.2017
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