PL-3 Junior Research Group Interfaces: Properties - Modification - Characterization

Welcome to the junior research group "Interfaces: Properties - Modification - Characterization". Our group is located at the research campus Open Hybrid LabFactory e.V. in Wolfsburg. The focus of our research activities is the tailored adjustment of interface properties, their suitable and industrial feasible characterization as well as the correlation with the properties of the composite material. Wetting, adhesion as well as corrosion or degradation are directly related to the chemical composition and the morphology of interfaces. As a result, boundary layers are of the highest relevance for the properties of hybrid composites and thus important for a large number of activities within the mobility research.

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Interfaces are the most property determinant elements in the interaction between different phases. In the field of composites and hybrid components, they are crucial because of their structural function within the material. In the majority of cases interfaces have only a dimension of a few nanometers and their properties can completely differ from the base material. Due to the small geometrically dimension of the interfaces their characterization is still challenging. The application of high-resolution analytics and the development of adjusted characterization methods is one main task of the junior research group. Photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning electron and atomic force microscopy are applied in a novel approach to obtain further information on manufacturing process-related properties of interfaces. The application of infrared microscopy, in-situ ?-computed tomography and new testing techniques are used to develop methods for industrial interface analysis.

The chemical and morphological modification of interfaces is the second main task of the junior research group. The methods for interface modification include laser processing and structuring, chemical and electrochemical treatment, plasma treatment and coating, incorporation of nanoparticles and molecular adaptation of polymers at the interface.

Members on the part of Technische Universität Braunschweig: Members on the part of Leibniz Universität Hannover:
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