Change your Password

With this web interface you can set a new password for your user-id.

All password-changes must be done only through this web interface

Your password has a limited durability of 250 days for security reasons! You have to change it before it's expiration.

Password forgotten or expired?

Feel free to visit the User Data Service (BDD) and set a mobile number for
password reset.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use our new application to set a new password online.

This service is available for students and TU staff.

Additonally, you can come to the IT-Service-Desk of the Gauß-IT-Center and get a new password.
As a student you have to show your student's identity card.
As a member of staff you have to show your official or personal identity card and fill in form AN05.

User Id:
Current Password:
New Password:
Confirm New Password:

The new password has to contain at least 3 of 4 the following character groups:
  • uppercase letters A - Z
  • lowercase letters a - z
  • digits 0 - 9
  • special characters only the following    +    _    .    ,    :    -
Furthermore the new password has to fulfill the following conditions:
  • It should not contain parts of name or UserId, which are longer than 2 characters
  • It has to be between 8 to 30 characters
  • It must not begin with a minus (-)
  • It should not be corresponding with the last 10 passwords
For more information on how to create a new password please check FAQ#1000795
We want you to remind of the fact that the IT resources are provided for you on the basis of internal university regulations. If you select the check box at the bottom of the page, you accept that
  • the username and the corresponding password must not be passed on to third parties,
  • you use your user account in compliance with the requirements of relevant legislation (in particular copyright law, data protection law, criminal law etc.) and the respective TU Braunschweig regulations and establishment agreements, which means particularly that you have to use it in an economically appropriate and pertinent manner,
  • the user account can be revoked due to infringement of the regulations.
You can find the current version of the regulations on this page

Please be aware of the fact that 18 months after yourderegistration at the Gauss-IT-Centre your e-mail address can or must be assigned to another person. Thus, it is your responsibility to inform immediately potential senders of e-mails that your e-mail address has become invalid. Failing that, it cannot be avoided that e-mails sent to your deregistered e-mail address will be delivered to the new owner of this e-mail address. In this case, no liability will be accepted by the TU Braunschweig.

I hereby agree and acknowledge the regulations.

  last changed 03.11.2016
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