Congratulation !

We congratulate Philipp Maurischat to a successful doctorate!

Congratulation !

We congratulate Mina Azizi Rad to a successful doctorate.

Living with Yak Herders in Tibet

Siran Liang's fieldwork campaign to Tibet in 2021

Doctoral Meeting in the Harz mountains

From February 25th to 27th the doctoral and postdoctoral researchers spent the weekend in the Harz mountains. Half of the day was spent talking about…

Congratulation !

We congratulate Tuong Vi Tran to a successful doctorate.

On February 18th, she successfully defended her thesis "Physical and Numerical Analysis of…

Congratulation !

We congratulate Jan Mudler and Wengang Kang to a successful doctorate.

On September 15th, Jan Mudler defended his thesis "Kapazitive Geoelektrik und…

Two-weeks Workshop on R Programming

October 18th to 29th, trainer Wolf Riepl will offer insights into using R and RStudio.

R is considered the world's most powerful programming language…

First-aid-course in the Harz

At the beginning of August 2021, we had two two-day-courses about first aid in remote mountain regions with Alex from the team of Dani Hornsteiner  -…

Congratulation !

We congratulate Felix Nieberding, Eike Reinosch, Johannes Buckel, and Paula Echeverría Galindo to a successful doctorate.

On June 29th, Felix…

TransTiP & TPE Summer School 2021

In 2021, we hosted our second virtual summer school. The TransTiP & TPE Science & Technology Training was again organized jointly by TransTiP, TPE,…