Papers by / co-authored by Heike Faßbender Eigene und beteiligte Arbeiten von Heike Faßbender

  • A note on the singular value decomposition of idempotent and involutory matrices
    Heike Faßbender, Martin Halwaß
    Preprint arxiv:2403.05214

  • A rational Krylov subspace based projection method for solving large-scale algebraic Riccati equations via low-rank approximations
    Christian Bertram, Heike Faßbender
    Preprint arxiv:2312.08855
  • Model Reduction of Complex Dynamical Systems
    Editors: Peter Benner, Tobias Breiten, Heike Faßbender, Michael Hinze, Tatjana Stykel, Ralf Zimmermann
    Int. Series Numerical Math. (ISNM) Volume 171, Birkhäuser 2021

  • Riccati ADI: Existence, uniqueness and new iterative methods
    Christian Bertram, Heike Faßbender
    Preprint arXiv:2004.11212


  • Some Notes on the Linearization of Matrix Polynomials in Standard and Tschebyscheff Basis
    Heike Faßbender, Philip Saltenberger
    Preprint 2016