Prof. Dr. Gertrud Zwicknagl

room A 307
phone +49 531 391 5206
e-mail ( g.zwicknagl
address Technische Universität Braunschweig
Institut für Mathematische Physik
Mendelssohnstraße 3
38106 Braunschweig

Recent and selected publications

A Recent reviews and chapters in books

  1. Gertrud Zwicknagl, "Quantum Critical Heavy Fermion Metal YbRh2Si2", to appear in Proceedings of the 50th Karpacz Winter School of Theoretical Physics, World Scientific Publishing (2015)
  2. R. Hott, R. Kleiner, T. Wolf, G. Zwicknagl, "Review on Superconducting Materials", in "Applied Superconductivity" (Ed. P. Seidel), Vol. I, Wiley-VCH, Berlin (2015), pp. 26
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  8. Roland Hott, Reinhold Kleiner, Thomas Wolf and Gertrud Zwicknagl, ”Superconducting Materials -A Topical Overview”, in ”Frontiers in Superconducting Materials”, ed. A. V. Narlikar, (Springer Verlag 2005), p.1
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B Selected articles

  1. G. Zwicknagl und J. Wosnitza, "Kompromissbereite Supraleitung", erscheint in Physik Journal 03/2015
  2. K. Kummer, S. Ptil, A. Chikina, M. Güttler, M. Höppner, A. Generalov, S. Danzenbächer, S. Seiro, A. Hannaske, C. Krellner, Yu. Kucherenko, M. Shi, M. Radovic, E. Rienks, G. Zwicknagl, K. Matho, J. W. Allen, C. Laubschat, C. Geibel, and D. V. Vyalikh, "Temperature-invariant Fermi surface in the Kondo lattice YbRh2Si2", to appear in Phys. Rev. X
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  6. H.R. Naren, S. Friedemann, G. Zwicknagl, C. Krellner, C. Geibel, F. Steglich and S Wirth: "Lifshitz transitions and quasiparticle de-renormalization in YbRh2Si2", New J. Phys. 15, 093032 (2013)
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