Master degree course

Mechanical Engineering

The master degree course is based on the bachelor degree courses offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The master degree course Mechanical Engineering consists of the following areas of study: General mechanical engineering, Energy and process engineering / bioprocess engineering, Materials science, Mechatronics and Production and systems engineering. The information given here is only a brief overview; for more detailed information please see the Structure page and the Modulhandbuch.

Pflicht- und Wahlpflichtmodule – Compulsory and specialisation modules

Wahlmodule – Optional modules

Studienarbeit – student research paper

Nichttechnische Module – Non-technical modules

Masterarbeit – Master’s thesis

Compulsory and specialisation modules

The compulsory and specialisation modules include the compulsory mathematics module “Modellierung und Numerik von Differentialgleichungen (Modelling and Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, 5 credits)) and modules (36 credits in total) to be chosen from a catalogue defined for the respective area of specialisation (Appendix  7, 8). At least 6 credits have to be earned from lab work.


Optional modules

Modules with a total of 20 credits have to be chosen from optional modules, i.e. from the “Basics” and “Application” pools. All modules are listed in Appendix 8 of the Prüfungsordnung.


Non-technical modules

The students are required to achieve 12 credits from non-technical modules, which are intended to provide the students with methodology and social skills (interdisciplinary qualification and professionalisation). The modules including assignments can be chosen from a list defined by the examination board. Language courses also count as non-technical modules.

These courses will also be mentioned in your Transcript of Records as a proof of the skills you acquired. If you get a grade for the courses, it will be listed on the final certificate.

Student research paper

The student research paper (15 credits) is a written assignment that has to be finished in three (minimum) to four (maximum) months. It also includes a presentation (2 credits) of the results. The research paper is intended to prove that the students are able to develop, implement and present concepts, define goals and develop interdisciplinary approaches and concepts. The research work can be carried out at any institute of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and is generally registered at the mentoring institute. The application and submission dates are also documented by this institute. Like the master’s thesis, the research project can also be done at a company, but you need a professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering as your supervisor, who defines the subject of the thesis and evaluates it.

Master’s thesis

The students have six months to complete the master’s thesis (28 credits), including the written part and literature research, and to give a presentation (2 credits) on the results afterwards. Both parts have to be passed independently in order to obtain the master’s degree. The weighting for the module grade is as follows: thesis 90%, presentation 10%. You can start writing your thesis if you have passed all exams (compulsory, specialisation and optional modules), the student research paper and the assignments. You can also write the thesis at a company, but you need a professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering as your supervisor, who defines the subject of the thesis and evaluates it.

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