Dr. M. Marcsek-Fuchs:
London Exkursion – 4412 420
Do 18:30 – 20:00 (1 x monatlich)
First Meeting: 25.10.2018

The excursion ‘Literary London’ is on its way. From the 9th – 14th of June 2019, a group of students will be exploring Great Britain’s capital with the focus on its literary and cultural heritage. We will enjoy self-guided tours, visit exhibitions, experience a day at the Globe Theatre, venture on a day-trip to the University of Cambridge and celebrate with an evening out at the theatre. For this, we will be forming project groups that lead us through our literary quest.

London is famous for its rich theatre life and history. Therefore, we shall also witness the great variety of performances present in this cultural capital, be it by exploring theatre history in some of its museums (British Library, Victoria and Albert Museum /Theatre Museum), by venturing through the present theatres and programmes (National Theatre, West End) or by experiencing site specific performances on the street. Students are invited to create projects related to any field of literary and cultural studies as well as to performing arts or theatre history. Further highlights of our trip are the visit to Girton College in Cambridge (the first women’s college) and the punting tour on the river Cam. In order to organize our trip and discuss as well as develop possible projects, we will meet once a month, starting on Thursday, 25th of October 2018.


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Excursion to Gdansk, Poland

From June 9th through June 13th 2014, 14 Bachelor and Master students from the English Department of the TU Braunschweig went on an excursion to Gdansk. The excursion was embedded into Claudia Müller’s “Teaching English and Literature in a European Context” course. For a week the participants researched and experienced the role of English in Poland, as well as, the teaching of English in Polish schools with special emphasis on the role of Shakespeare in English language teaching classrooms. The existing partnership between Dr. Ewa Andrjeweska of the German Department at the University of Gdansk and Prof. Angelika Kubanek from the English Department at the TU Braunschweig facilitated the exchange and allowed the group to stay in affordable student accomodation. A workshop at the Shakespeare Theatre conducted by Anna Ratkiewicz-Syrek gave insight to the possibilities of teaching Shakespeare plays at schools (http://www.teatrszekspirowski.pl/article/edukacja/eduaktualnosci//index.php?id_item_tree=af9fe5a3c50dfaa44c2e34ae406b2da7). It was followed by a tour around the construction site of the worldwide unique, soon-to-be-inaugurated Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre. A guided city tour made us aware of the long and partially difficult history of the city and strengthened the awareness for a continued peaceful and cooperative exchange between our two neighboring countries. Thanks to the principal of the British International School of Gdansk, Robert Grisdale, a visit to the school allowed the group to observe different classes whereby they were able to experience different and more unconventional ways of teaching. In a round table meet-up with the German Consul Hans Rainer Ess and German and Polish representatives from the Cultural Department of the German Consulate the group learned about the German-Polish cultural and economic relations, deepened their knowledge about the Polish school-system, and discussed the role of (English) teachers in Poland (http://www.polen.diplo.de/Vertretung/polen/de/05-gk-danzig/02-aktuelles/studenten-braunschweig.html). The excursion enabled the students to consolidate their communicative skills and intercultural competences and laid the groundwork for more collaboration in the future. Do widzenia!
Claudia Müller (Organisation)

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